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Northern Lights Star Projector

Northern Lights Star Projector

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North Light Galaxy Starry Sky Projector Space Aurora Night Light Star Projector Nebula Moon Lamp with Bluetooth Music Speaker

Galaxy Light Projector Music Sync Color Changing Moving Aurora Wave, Built-in Music Speaker, Remote & Bluetooth Light Projector:
  1. Bluetooth Control: Works with smartphones via Bluetooth. Before connecting, please make sure that the bluetooth of the starlight and the smart phone are turned on, and then use the phone to search for "AC6923" to connect.

  2. IR Remote Control: 29-key mode to control starry sky projection light.

Abundant Projection Effect: The Combination of the northern lights, the moon  and the stars can be played individually or in combination. The flowing aurora bore effect creates a relaxing environment.

Built-in Bluetooth Music Speaker:

  • Works with smartphones via Bluetooth
  • Plays local music through mobile phone
  • Lights will change color with the music beat, resulting in a starry sky projection
  • Voice Control (only control the light speed)
Timer Function: 
  • Setting 1h/2h/4h timer OFF for your sleep
  • Projection Coverage: 215-861 ft 
  • Adjust aurora wave speed
Remote Control:
  • You can adjust your needs by 21-key remote control
  • Choose the aurora wave or starry sky, moon projection mode or choose 3 modes at the same time
  • Change the color speed and brightness of the light
  • Adjust the volume and sound mode of the music mode

48 lighting modes of the northern lights projector:

      A gift for kids and friends:

      4 Color, 48 Lighting Effects & 4 Brightness Level. Brightness can be adjusted from 20% to 100%; it can project a realistic starry night sky and the northern lights on the ceiling.

      Star light projector has 4 levels of brightness (20%/40%/70%/100%) and speed can be adjusted freely.

      It's like traveling the North Pole, reaching and touching the Northern Lights. It will help you and your child fall asleep quickly and smoothly with a warm and tranquil sleeping environment.

      A gift for kids and friends:  Galaxy Light Projector will create a romantic, gorgeous and magical atmosphere.

      Suitable for bedrooms, game rooms, baby rooms, family and friends. It will make wonderful gifts for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and many other holidays and family events.

      It creates a beautiful and starry atmosphere, helping to stimulate children's curiosity, imagination and creativity.


      Bluetooth number:" AC6923".
      • Material: ABS

      • Output voltage :5V / 2000mA

      • Operations: Remote Control & 4 buttons

      • Projection effect: aurora, moon and stars

      • Product power: Red/Green/Blue/White/2 * 4W

      • Music mode: Remote Control,Voice Control(Only control the lights speed),Bluetooth

      • Functions: LED projector, music speaker, Bluetooth, remote control

      • LED light colors: red / green / blue / white

      • Auto-Off Timer:1h/2h/4h timer OFF

      • Built-in Mini Speaker: 13 color changing brightness mode

      • Projection Coverage: 215-861 ft² (20-80㎡)

      • Power supply: USB cable (Power Bank, Computer, AC Adapter)

      • Package Weight: 1.21lb/550g

      • Package Size: 7.2*4.7*4.4in/18.2*12*11.2/cm


      1. The laser may be harmful to the eyes, do not look directly at it.

      2. Do not let children use this product alone.

      3. The projection lamp is suitable for indoor / night / dark use. If it is outdoor / daylight / strong light, the product display effect will be different.

      4. Waterproof is IP20 and the device is used in a dry environment. Please avoid using it in humid environment and water ingress, otherwise it may damage the projection lamp.

      5. The minimum and maximum ambient temperature necessary to maintain the normal and stable operation of the product is -20 ° C and 40 ° C, respectively.

      6. Use an adapter that meets the requirements for this product. Use a 5V / 2A power adapter. If the current is too low, the lamp body will not function normally. If the current exceeds this range, please use a regulator, otherwise it will affect the service life.

      7. The remote control does not include batteries, 2 batteries need to be inserted by yourself.

      Packing accessories:1 x projection lamp; 1 x remote control (without battery); 1 x 1.5 meter USB cable; 1 x User Manual Instructions support multi-language: US/DE/FR/ES/IT/JP

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