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Magnetic Therapy Back Waist Support Belt

Magnetic Therapy Back Waist Support Belt

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Experience the incredible health benefits of Magnetic Therapy Back Waist Support Belt, a self-heating magnetic therapy massage band with adjustable tourmaline fabric.

  • This waist support belt lumbar brace is suitable for anyone who suffers from health conditions like protrusion of lumbar vertebral disc, sciatica, or lumbar hyper osteogeny.
  • It can also help those who are looking to keep their waists warm and lose weight; the belt is ideal under thin clothing.
  • Athletes and people who work sedentary or standing jobs may benefit from regular use of this product.

Try Magnetic Therapy Back Waist Support Belt today and experience its amazing benefits!

Sizes: M-XXL

Helpful Tips:

To get a better effect from the tourmaline fabric’s therapeutic effects, make sure to wipe it with a wet cloth before every use. Adjust the elasticity appropriately so that it fits close to your body around the area you want physical therapy for.

Depending on your skin type and comfort level, decide how long you want to wear it per day.

Package Included: 1Pc Magnetic Back Support Lumbar Brace Belt

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